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Posted on November 5, 2017

10 Ways to Keep the Potter Magic Alive


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Even people who have managed to avoid reading the Harry Potter series and seeing the films know that love for Harry and his magical world extends far beyond the confines of the pages in which he lives. Over the past year or so, love of the series has been on the rise, particularly with the introduction of the Fantastic Beasts films. This renewed (and let’s be honest here — ever-present) popularity of my favorite boy-wizard makes me giddier than an eleven-year-old who just received her Hogwarts letter. My partner and I frequently make the “Potter rounds” when we are near the mall to check out any new merch — Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, and occasionally Five Below. I love all the new stuff that has come out! The clothes, trinkets, jewelry, home decor… you name it, it’s probably on my wish list.

Even more important than things that line the shelves, I know that isn’t what I truly want. I want more magic, more presence of the fandom, more love and appreciation for the books that started it all. I delight in the concept of magic in whatever form it might take, so I’ve tried my best to engage in new and interesting ways to keep Potter magic alive in my life as much as possible. Whether costly or cost-effective, here are some of my favorites.

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