Posted on September 17, 2017

Post-Vacation Blues? Tips on Getting Back into the ‘Real World’


Disclaimer: This is a completely first world problems sort of issue, but… I get it — it’s rough. You’ve just come back from a fantastic trip to another area of your state, your country, or another entirely new country and now… sadness. It hit me big time after coming back from Europe in July. It’s hard to return from our annual trips to the Wizarding World in January. Heck — it’s even a challenge sometimes to return from a road trip! Regardless of where you were, the excitement of visiting a new place, experiencing something you’ve longed to experience, or finally getting the chance to relax can mean that going back to the everyday hustle and bustle isn’t easy.

I’ll be the first to admit, I do give myself some time to wallow in that feeling. It’s there for a reason, after all, but I also know that I don’t want to live in that feeling forever! That’s not good for anyone. Here are my favorite tips and ideas for how to shake those post-vacay blues.

Read a Book

I love to read, so books are often my go-to when I want a little escape. If I’m missing a particular place, it’s great to be able to find books whose plots take place in the city/state/country I just visited. (Plus it’s especially fun to say to myself ‘Ooh, I’ve been there!’) Series like Harry Potter and Outlander are fantastic for “going back” to my favorite places in the UK! If you’re not much of a fan of fiction, picking up some non-fiction books about the history of your travel destinations can also fill that ‘void.’ While in Scotland, we picked up a few books on Scottish lore and history. Regardless of the genre or type, escaping into a book is a great way to “go back” when you’re home.

Visit with Friends

I’ve honestly not been the best at this lately. But, sometimes a night out or get together with friends is just what you need to feel back at home. While they will be excited for you to be back home and want to hear all about your travels, your friends also have a vested interest in your general well-being. So, if you’re feeling generally down or just “blah,” that camaraderie should help to cheer you right up! Plus, it might give them a chance to share their own travel stories and spark inspiration for your next vacation!

Engage in a Hobby

I like to keep my hands and brain busy (I suppose that’s why being a sign language interpreter is a good fit for me). Having creative hobbies is one way for me to put my energy into something that has a clear and satisfying result. “Being creative” doesn’t have to mean creating amazing works of art. My favorites are cooking/baking, drawing — even though that’s definitely not my talent, working on my bullet journal, and crafting (crochet, mixed media, etc). Whether your hobby of choice is creative or not, having something else to put your mind to can be uplifting and refreshing. Make sure to give yourself time to focus on your hobby without distractions or interruptions. Spend time with yourself and your creativity.

Do Something New in Your Town/City

This is one of my favorites. It gives me the feeling of being an explorer, of seeing something new, without nearly as expensive as a full-blown vacation. This could mean going to a new restaurant (trying a new type of cuisine, for example), visiting a museum you’ve never been to, taking a dance class, or having a picnic in a park. Regardless of what you choose to do, having these experiences is a great way to increase love and appreciation for the things in your own backyard!

Make a Traditional Food or Meal

Being vegetarian, it was sometimes difficult to find traditional foods that weren’t meat-based (especially in Paris). In England, we lucked out to find a vegetarian pub meal at The Eagle and Child in Oxford that was uh-ma-zing. It’s pictured above! Being back home, however, I can play around with some meat substitutes and create my own versions. Some of my favorites that I am looking forward to re-creating are veggie sausage rolls and tattie scones.

Revisit Your Travel Experience(s)

This one can be a little tricky. If I do this too soon after a trip, it sometimes just increases the amount of wallowing I do. On the other hand, after a short-ish period of time, going through pictures, souvenirs, or other items I collected on a trip is a fun way to re-live the experience. I also love organizing my favorite photos into books on websites like Shutterfly. I don’t do this with every trip since that would be way too expensive, but it’s a nice way to commemorate the special trips and “once in a lifetime” experiences.


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