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Iceland: The Blue Lagoon


Our trip to Europe this past June/July began with a very brief stopover in Iceland. We were only going to be in the country for 8-9 hours so our options for what we could do were fairly limited. Luckily, we were able to take advantage of an “airport excursion” to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that is located in southwestern Iceland on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and I can certainly understand why. It. Is. Gorgeous.

Pre-booking is required and they offer a variety of packages to choose from. The least expensive (Standard) provides entrance to the lagoon and use of their silica mud masks while in the water. The most expensive (Luxury) includes that plus a towel, slippers, and robe to use while there, a drink, an additional algae mask, a spa product set, and entrance to a special lounge. We went with the “Premium” package which includes everything on the Luxury list except for the spa product set and the special lounge. Since it was cold and rainy when we arrived that day, it was very nice to have a bathrobe and slippers to wear when entering and exiting the water.

Stock photo — still lovely.

I had read a ton of reviews on Trip Advisor prior to going and had seen concern about things like the changing rooms, showering prior to entering the lagoon, and the possible damage to your hair that the lagoon water could cause. There are separate changing rooms for male-identified and female-identified customers. I don’t remember off the top of my head if there are gender inclusive spaces or not, but my gut tells me no. If you’re not comfortable changing in front of strangers, there are a handful of enclosed changing rooms in each area. I ended up using one since I’m not particularly comfortable with that.

I had read almost everywhere (and there are, I believe, signs in the changing rooms), that you are required to shower before entering the lagoon. Our family ended up doing so but I saw quite a few people who didn’t. As for potential damage to your hair, we each wore swim caps while in the lagoon. We definitely were in the minority with that choice, but I felt better knowing that I was at least taking a step towards not damaging my hair. I didn’t want to have horrible hair for the rest of our trip!

Because of our flight times, we were at the lagoon from around 8am – 1pm. This was both the perfect time of day and the perfect amount of time to be there. The lagoon itself is quite large, so even as it got crowded later in the morning/early afternoon, it wasn’t very noticeable. Plus, if you end up near some annoying swimmers, it’s easy to just drift to another area. We used both the silica mud mask and the algae masks. They were great and very refreshing. While we were floating around, an employee came by and let us try a lava mask as well. Your skin will definitely end up refinished and refreshed while you’re there!

After floating around for awhile, enjoying the enclosed cave and listening to the history of the lagoon, and standing under the waterfall, we decided to get dressed, have a bite to eat, and take some pictures before heading back to the airport. I washed my hair after being in the lagoon (they provide you with a special conditioner) so I would be fresh for the rest of our trip. While they have hair dryers in the changing rooms, I had forgotten to pack my straightening iron in my carry-on and had to put up with my bushy mane for the rest of the day. Our bite to eat was at their a la carte café and is likely not something we would repeat in hindsight. Our very simple meal cost us almost $75 for 3 people – something that could have been avoided if we had paid closer attention and truly understood the currency conversion. Whoops!

Regardless of the lunch mishap, the lagoon was the perfect start to our vacation. It was relaxing, refreshing, and makes me want to go back for more experiences in Iceland! The awesome thing about IcelandAir as an airline company is that you can take up to a 7-day extended layover in Iceland at no additional cost to your plane ticket. That’s definitely something to think about should you ever plan a trip overseas!


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