Posted on January 7, 2018

Plan With Me: January 2018 BuJo Spreads

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Hooray, January!

There’s something that feels so refreshing about the beginning of a new year. Maybe it’s something in the air. Maybe it’s just that we’ve built up the idea that a new year means a new start so much that it has taken hold of me. Regardless… I’m excited for what’s to come in 2018.

I’ve hit this year with a running start with my trusty Leuchtturm1917. (Check out my year-long spreads here!) After experimenting over the past 4 months, I feel like I’m finally down to a good routine when it comes to what I like to use each month.

I like to start with a general “Hello ____(month)!” page. Sometimes it’s a design, sometimes it includes a calendar for the month, etc. I like these pages since they serve as an introduction for that section. I also include spots to write any tasks and goals for the month as well as any important things coming up the following month.

The next pages are my daily gratitude log and my habit tracker. When I first started journaling, I tried keeping a less structured gratitude log. It didn’t go very well. I ended up writing in it a few days out of the month and mostly giving up on it. In November, I tried a structured daily format and have kept it since. It keeps me honest!

The monthly habit tracker has been something I’ve followed since I started journaling. I can’t imagine not doing it. The habits I’ve included have changed over the months to fit my needs, but I’ve seen some improvements when it comes to making a concerted effort to actually do things. (And it’s a nice kick in the rear to know when I’m not doing things!)

The next several pages are my weekly planner pages. New this month is my section for “weekly habits.” These are activities that don’t quite need to be in a daily habit tracker but  I would still like to be mindful of doing them regularly. I came up with 4 of the weekly goals when I created these pages but I have space for one more should something come to mind.

New for me this month is an expense tracker. I am working on becoming more aware of my finances, where they’re going, how to improve, etc. This month I am simply going to track all of my expenses. No analysis, no judgment of what I’ve spent or where, etc. Just a record of what I’ve spent money on. Next month I’ll take it a step further to see where I can make improvements.

That’s it for January! We’ll see how these spreads hold up. 🙂

XO, Grace

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